SCAN Virtual Walk-A-Thon


Sickle Cell Action Network (SCAN) is a non-profit organization started in 2015 to normalize the conversation around issues that plague the sickle cell community. We believe that the internal cultural stigmas have thwarted the efforts of caregivers, medical professionals and educators who desperately need the continued support to better serve the sickle cell community. By standing on our three internal pillars, we hope to minimize the mental and physical suffering incurred by sickle cell patients nationwide.

Through strategic collaboration with other sickle cell organizations nationwide, we hope to eradicate the disease by educating the next generation. Knowing one’s sickle cell status before having children is the key to preventing new incidences.

SCAN made its first public appearance at the World Sickle Cell Day (WSCD) last year (2015) at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). CHEO and The Ottawa Hospital have run World Sickle Cell Day for the past few years on top of all that they do. WSCD should be a community event ran by the local Sickle Cell community groups to allow the hospitals to do what they do best.

With that said, SCAN has taken the lead on making the June 2016 World Sickle Cell Day in Ottawa the biggest event ever! With this GoFundMe initiative to kick off our fundraising campaign, we hope to change the lives of so many families living with this genetic blood disorder.

Our kick off event will be our VIRTUAL Walk-A-Thon on Sunday April 10th beginning at CHEO and finishing at the Eternal Flame on Parliament Hill.  We have calculated that it will take 2,000 steps to achieve this symbolic 5K journey. We are asking the virtual community to purchase multiple steps to achieve our goal of $10,000.  Each step is valued at $5 and we know that our strength in numbers is powerful enough to make this happen.

Particiapants that are inclined to get thier  exercise on, a PHYSICAL walk will take place on the same day beginning at CHEO at 12pm.

SCAN is currently registered as a non-profit organization but we are in the process of seeking charitable status in order to provide tax receipts for donors. Once the charitable status is achieved, we will issue receipts for the 2017 calendar year.  In the meantime a “Glass Jar” account on the SCAN website will be set up to show donors how every penny is being spent. We believe in transparency and honesty to achieve unity.


To sign up for the PHYSICAL walk,


Thank you!

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